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What is a Non-Foodie and Why would one Be writing a Food Blog?

About the Non-Foodie


A foodie lives for food. A foodie is interested in artfully arranging culinary masterpieces, or at least eating masterfully arranged culinary masterpieces. A foodie loves to talk about food, watch food programs, and likes to bandish about words like en croute and carpaccio.

A non-foodie, on the other hand, eats to live — this of course does not mean that the non-foodie eats a healthy diet, of course — disinterest in the gourmet side of food can result in just picking up pizza or a burger — and it does not rule out eating for enjoyment, which can result in the devouring of way too many donuts.

I’m a non-foodie who has been in a very long-term relationship with a foodie. We both have learned lessons (I think.) He has learned that evaluating my cooking like I’m a contestant on Iron Chef only encourages me to have him cook instead. I have come to grudgingly admit that, perhaps, things like pre-prep and presentation actually do make a difference.

In any event, it’s worth it for a non-foodie to learn some kitchen skills. Cooking at home is generally healthier and less expensive — unless you’re like me and end up making deserts!

So I’m sharing recipes and thoughts on meal prep as I reconnect with a like I once had for the kitchen when it was a wild, messy, adventure (and before tiny bowls were implemented upon me.) Overall, the focus on recipes will be easy-prep, but from time to time I like to get fancy.

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