When COVID-19 hit, I went on a blogging rampage. I relocated my recipes over here to get them off my travel blog and make it more “niche.” While that, in itself, wasn’t a bad decision, creating a food blog was questionable.

I love WordPress, and I like the colors on this blog. HOWEVER, I am a non-foodie who, from time to time, likes to share a recipe that has turned out well. That is not quite enough to keep up a food blog. Other recipes generate such comments from my family as “Gordon Ramsey would yell at you for this!”

However, I love the colors on this website, and I may keep it up here just as a demo website. I’ll be relocating recipes over to another blog, yet again, where I can just post an occasional one as it strikes my fancy. I’ve found that three is a magic number for me when it comes to blogs.